World Space Week 2020

The role and impact of satellite technology in everyday life!

Space agencies and services companies spend millions each year to send new satellites into our orbit. But is it actually necessary? And what could be the reason behind this amount of expenditure? Are we wasting time and effort?

The space race began when the Russians took a leap of faith with the Sputnik 1. These new satellites were meant for military purposes; predominantly to establish radio communications. …

Are wormholes unstable? And is it because of black holes?

To begin with, let’s do a small recap.

What is a Black Hole?

On grounds of intuition, we’ve all been explained the concept using a piece of fabric and a ball. A ball placed in the middle of the stretched fabric bends it. Then if you roll a marble, it follows a curved path; and that the bend of the fabric resembles gravity.

The picture depicts the true warping (bending) of space-time, as opposed to our intuition.

A picture depicting “true” warping of space-time. — Christopher Vitale

Black holes are defined as extremely compact and massive objects in the cosmos; they warp space-time so dramatically that objects crossing the surface…

Photo by Karan Bhatia on Unsplash

Be it the first textile factory that the British set up in 1854 or the first Railway line that they lay between Mumbai and Thane, history records the quintessential involvement of mechanical engineers in any technological endeavor that happened in the nation since its existence. In fact, India boasts of its expertise in laws that governed nature even before Archimedes ran naked in the streets of Syracuse or even before that ubiquitously cursed apple fell on Newton’s head! …

“Nothing in this world is free. Everything has its price and its own consequences.”

If looked closely upon, there is always a motive behind what people do, a reason for why things are the way they are. Once this rationale is lost, everything ceases to exist. This motive or basis is what we know of as the price. The mentality of free corrodes the human brain and is a certain kind of addiction. It keeps you from working hard and makes you opt for an easy way out. Once you get something for free, you never stop.

Imagine yourself at…

Pujan Yadav

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